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IMS Global Announces Initiative to Establish Digital Badges as Common Currency for K-20 and Corporate Education

IMS partners with Mozilla Foundation to accelerate adoption and interoperability of badges in the education and workforce sectors.

Lake Mary, Florida, USA – April 21, 2015

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The Deleterious Effects of Mistaking Security for Trust

What is the relationship between trust and security, security and privacy, privacy and personal data protection? For some time now, I knew that there was something wrong with the so-called trust technologies, but I did not take the time to pin down what the source of the problem was.

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Beuth Badges is an R&D project at Beuth University of Applied Sciences in Berlin led by Ilona Buchem – professor for Digital Media and Diversity.

Our project aims at exploring new ways of integrating digital badges into higher education and beyond. We develops concepts, designs and technology to apply Open Badges in a number of educational scenarios including:

Migrant Skilled Worker

Skilled workers are increasingly mobile, not just within the European Union, but also internationally. Some trades and crafts are regulated in some or all countries (e.g. electrician, welder, chimney sweep, truck driver, coach driver, airline pilot, phlebotomist, ...). In a few cases there are international qualifications or mutual recognition of qualifications, but these are the exceptions in such a diverse and fast-changing world. There is a long tradition of skilled workers being self-employed and itinerant.

Belgian Badge Backpack platform

EDGE - Enhancing the Delivery of Guidance and Employability

The EDGE (Enhancing the Delivery of Guidance and Employability) project aims to enhance the progression prospects of socio-economically disadvantaged adults in order to promote social inclusion and equality measures. Specifically, the EDGE Project aims to develop innovative approaches (career guidance, learner engagement strategies, self-evaluation tools, e-learning resources) in the provision of employability skills development.

Member of a Working Group

It is common for a Working Group or subcommittee to do substantial work on developing a new initiative on behalf of a larger group. The nature of the outcomes, the level of intellectual challenge (EQF level), the amount of effort, the learning outcomes achieved by the participants, the length of involvement, etc will all vary widely. It would be good if the convenor of the Working Group could recognise the effort and learning involved by awarding a badge to participants who continue to the end.

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